Sponsorship is a highly recommended way to finance events, workshops, conferences, or retreats and through this, you can gain brand awareness. As a sponsor it is not always about the money, there are different ways for one to be part of an event and you can choose where your shoe fits.

Cash Sponsors

This is every event organizer’s dream. A cash sponsor is ideally a company that in exchange for agreed benefits such as logo placements, emcee rights, pre-event content creation and promotion, keynote speeches, sponsored posts on the events publications offer money to an event of their choice. The benefits offered to vary with the agreement between the sponsor and the event organizer. For most companies offering cash, sponsorship is a marketing expense that is in line with their yearly budget.

In-Kind Sponsors

They offer products or services for free in exchange for benefits such as logo placements or promotions during or prior to the event. The terms of engagement differ; however, they tend to save the event organizer a lot of money when it comes to purchasing or paying for different products or services. In-kind Sponsors cannot estimate their sponsorship to that of a cash sponsor.

Media Sponsors

Media sponsors can agree to promote the event through their tv stations, social media channels, post about the event on their blogs or vlogs, write an article on their printed publications in exchange for some benefits at your event. Different media channels have different target audiences. It is, therefore, the duty of the event organizer to see if the media sponsor has a similar audience to the one the event would like to reach. Media sponsors can be very essential especially when one is trying to spread the word about an event to a larger market.

Promotional Partners

They can be placed in a similar category with media sponsors. However, they tend to be singular entities such as renowned influencers or bloggers. These entities can help to promote your event, they can exchange these services for a chance to speak at your event. Tags: Event sponsorships, sponsorship packages, cash sponsors, media sponsors, in-kind sponsors