How to prepare your teams for events

Data Collection: Find a clear way for how data will be collected from potential customers. This should be agreed upon prior to the event and tested in order to perform optimally at the event. Be transparent: This is important so that there is trust between the employees. Transparency will encourage the employees to take ownership […]

Tips on saving money during the event process

Tip 1: Utilize Volunteers Using volunteers who are keen to equip themselves with real-life work experience can help a great deal in reducing staffing costs. Since most university students are looking for opportunities, they provide fresh energy, ideas, and talent that will enhance the event. The students will be paid for their services but will […]

Advantages of Sponsoring an event

As an event sponsor, you are always looking for ways in which the event you have invested in can translate into either extra sales, more customers, or staff engagement. Here are the top three advantages of being an event sponsor: IT WILL HELP BOOST YOUR BRAND If the brand you are sponsoring aligns with your […]

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