Attract Event Sponsors using these few tips

Event sponsorship opportunities are just not about monetary backing but bringing experiences that make the overall event experience memorable. When done right, such partnerships can lead to long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Finding sponsors can be a very daunting task for every event organizer – delivering the right results a much bigger nightmare. With these five great tips, you will be able to secure sponsorships and deliver the best results that will make your sponsors excited for future events.

Step 1 – Find which sponsors to partner with

Sponsorship are always associated begging for funds to run your event. While this is true, sponsors are not just looking to pour money to your event but finding values that can grantee high ROI’s. One best way to determine what value your event can offer potential sponsors is by doing an audience analysis. The data from past events and new registrations breaks down attendee demographics that you can use to link up sponsors with the specific customer base. Once you have defined your event audience, do some research on the companies that are likely to fit that demographic. Note down all the potential sponsors that you would want to approach as you go to the second step.

Step 2 – Write a killer sponsorship proposal

Once you have done an audience research and matched them to the potential sponsors, the next step will be create an event sponsorship proposal. When crafting your event sponsorship proposal, make sure to include the following:

  • You company brand- when you approach sponsors it’s very likely that they will want to evaluate you as a legitimate company.  Ensure to provide information about your company profile and give relevant experiences of other sponsors that you have worked with in the past.
  • The goals and values of your event – Make sure that the sponsors that you choose to approach are in line with the goals and vision of your event. The sponsorship proposal should also match the mission of their organization.
  • The sponsorship benefits– What are the incentives that the sponsor willbenefit if they choose to sponsor your event.  This could include instant CTA’s, marketing intelligence, high ROIs and wide reach among others.
  • Competitive advantage- Many event organizers are probably looking for the same sponsors as you. Ask yourself, why the sponsor should choose your event over the others.


Step 3 – Approaching sponsors

Reaching out to potential customers could be initiated through calls, social media and emails. As you try to contact companies for an opportunity to get sponsorship, try to find the key decision makers. Identifying the decision makes it easier to get a positive response about your sponsorship proposal. You can locate them through searches on LinkedIn, attending events, or even calling directly to ask who the decision maker is. Once you have found the bull’s eye, create targeted emails or messages sharing your proposal and entice them to get a one on one sit down.

Step 4 – Pitching your sponsorship

So you have been able to get a face to face meeting with a potential sponsor or they have responded to your email with interest, it’s time to seal the deal. In this step, make sure that you have gathered all the information that can help you relate with them. You can prepare by asking yourself questions like:

  • What problems do they have?
  • What are their goals?
  • How can you both benefit from the partnership?
  • What will the sponsors get in return?

Present your sponsorship proposal and make any other valuable presentations that will get them excited to work with you. Make sure your pitch is based on the needs that they have and how you intend deliver this results. Remember to follow up with them if they haven’t made a final decision. Stay consistent and keep your word event after sealing the deal.

Step 5 – Create a memorable event

Now that you have received funding for your event,it’s time to put in work to impress your sponsors. Delivering good results will build trust and strengthen your relationship so that they come back for your event. Here are some quick ways you can deliver great ROI for sponsors:

  • Use event software to capture leads, data and give ratings
  • Offer speaker slots to sponsors
  • Push sponsorship content through mobile apps and SMS notifications
  • Get attendee feedback through polls and surveys
  • Use social media to build awareness about your sponsors



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