How to prepare your teams for events

Data Collection: Find a clear way for how data will be collected from potential customers. This should be agreed upon prior to the event and tested in order to perform optimally at the event.

Be transparent: This is important so that there is trust between the employees. Transparency will encourage the employees to take ownership of the event hence maximizing the event investment.

Hold Regular Meetings: Hold meetings before, during and after the event so that the team can go over the expectations of the event and if the targets that had been set were achieved.

Get Input: During meetings encourage the team to give their suggestions on how to maximize the event. This will make them feel included and will encourage them to perform better. Taking in their suggestions will also improve morale.

Train your employees: Training your employees on new industry practices will ensure that they are ahead of the curve and will be ready to handle all customer inquiries. This will, in turn, increase productivity and maximize returns.


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