Tips on saving money during the event process

Tip 1: Utilize Volunteers

Using volunteers who are keen to equip themselves with real-life work experience can help a great deal in reducing staffing costs. Since most university students are looking for opportunities, they provide fresh energy, ideas, and talent that will enhance the event. The students will be paid for their services but will not highly impact your budget.

Tip 2: Streamline Processes

Make use of event management software to collect attendee information. Event software has functionalities for registration and people management which will not only save on costs but also on time.

Tip 3: Reduce Travel Costs

This can be arranged by the event organizers by ensuring minimal travel costs to and from the event. Case and point you, the speaker may be present virtually saving a lot on travel and accommodation expenses, especially if they are not from your country.

Tip 4: Print Less
Recent progression in technology has reduced the need for printed materials as they are bulky and are expensive to produce. Only print relevant information on the back of the delegate’s badges for easy reference.

Tip 5: Use Alternative Sponsorship

Some sponsorships do not have to be cash-based, the sponsor could get involved and provide their services or products for free or reduced cost and this will have added benefits and exposure for the mutual advantage to both parties.

Tip 6: Reduce Free Stuff

Having a giveaway is a nice way to encourage traffic but if they do not turn to customers then it will be a huge dent in your budget. The best way to do this is to find a balance on how you conduct your giveaway.
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